Specialized, professional recruitment, built with the automotive industry in mind.

Our Services

We find the right people

Our services are here to help your dealership or automotive group find and hire high-quality talent, each and every time.

Big value

Automotive Direct Hire saves your company time and money by taking care of then entire recruiting process. Our team will save you countless hours and deliver the best candidates, directly to you.

Search skills

We’ve got creating the dream team down to a science. We pair our vast experience in the dealership world with proven tactics and our expert team that make staffing better.

Why Choose Us

Finding the right candidate for the right role

We are experts in finding the right candidates for automotive related jobs. From porters and valets, to receptions and BDC specialists, we know how to find qualified, talented candidates that will meet your dealership’s needs.

Providing candidates for:

Service and sales porters
Valet attendants
Pickup and delivery drivers
Car wash attendants
Shuttle drivers
Auction drivers and porters
Parts clerks and managers
Executive assistants
Loaner car coordinators
Business development specialists



If your new hire leaves within 15 days, we'll send a replacement candidate for the same role!